The Little Things

I often arrive home at what seems like the most turbulent part of the day. From 5:00-7:00pm I just try to get through it all with my head on a swivel. Dinner prep while watching the girls and cleaning up the house (all while still thinking about my to do list at school) makes my […]

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Challenge accepted and complete

Part of my new year’s resolution included reading and writing more for pleasure. On 12/31/17, when I set these two goals for myself, the Slice of Life Writing Challenge wasn’t even a blip on my radar. Then, when it was offered as an IU course I went back and forth wondering if I could really […]

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Zoo Day!

My aunt and uncle live in Bonita Springs, FL and are extremely active in their retirement years. So today we couldn’t leave the area without stopping to see them at their volunteer job at the Naples Zoo. They help by answering questions about the South African penguin exhibit. My uncle must have reminded me at […]

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Change is Hard

Being out of town and on the road for spring break this week has wreaked havoc on all of our schedules. Mila has actually begged, “Go bye-bye! Go bye-bye! I want to go home!” at every new house we have slept at. It has nothing to do with our hosts, everyone has been great. It has everything […]

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Always a Spartan

When the plane descended into Tampa Bay the first thing I looked for was the silver-roofed minarets. Okay, really the first landmark I looked for was the tall “beer can” building and then I knew the University of Tampa would be directly across the Hillsborough River from it. The beautiful minarets and Moorish architecture belong […]

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Usually I can’t turn “it” off. Usually I can’t sit down. Usually I have a hard time fully joining in on the conversations my friends are having at my house. Usually I can’t enjoy the cold adult beverage that was poured for me. Usually I can’t stop thinking about the dishes, the messes, and serving […]

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A Grateful Day

Thank you grandma for driving us to the airport and watching the kids while we loaded the car and ran around this morning. Thank you next door neighbors for feeding the fish and getting our mail while we’re gone. Thank you Southwest for not making us pay extra for the total 10 bags we brought […]

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